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a real Disney princess

Words failed me. Pippa looked pretty fine too.I LOVED the maple trees, so simple and ethereal but totally effective. Want.

(Ariel & Eric moment)

^ I love that there was room for a bit of tat. The idea of a prince driving away his princess in a vintage Aston Martin is also pretty exciting.

THE DRESS: I’m not entirely sure I can put my thoughts into full prose yet buuuuut…I loved how it looked relatively simple shaped from the front and then had the necessary amount of drama at the back – a testament to Sarah Burton’s talent, definitely. The clever pleating – as mentioned in my prediction post – was dynamic and gave a wink to McQueen himself, and gave it a feel of couture. When the train was spread out before kate took the long walk up the aisle it looked just so perfect – the wide U-shape somehow modern for such a vintage-y gown. Embroidery, goes without saying, was awe-inspiring.

BUT the show-stealer for me was that divine veil. Perfection.


da da da da, da da da daaaah

It is here!! It’s past midnight which means it’s Friday 29th April 2011!! I could probably do with going to bed seeing as I’m gonna be up super early for various celebratory activities (wine), but (cue Disneyland advert) I’m too excited….done some sickeningly patriotic nails….both Nails Inc. Red: St. James, Blue: Phoenix Street.I did do a little ‘W’ and ‘K’ on the middle tips, but they looked shit so I re-did them. No one was around to help. The blue looks much blue-er to the eye if that makes any sense at all.

SO, anyway, twitter tells me Kate’s 100% wearing Sarah Burton. Obvs, only appropriate choice. Hopefully Ms. Burton’s arrival at Kate’s hotel tonight wasn’t a red herring. ANYWAY, the dress. I’m betting on totally chic & modest – maybe a little bit vintage-y. Either a soft A-line or fishtail? Maybe some sort of clever pleating? Little off the shoulder cap sleeves methinks. God, this is exciting. I hope, by way of dedication, that there is a little bird hidden somewhere for McQueen, even if it’s stitched inside – that would be cute and nice. I literally can’t post pictures of would-be gowns because it’ll take me HOURS to find the nicest ones.

However, I also hear Gina are doing the shoes?????????????????WTF are you serious? I wished and wished for it to be Rupert Sanderson,Β he could have designed some b-e-a-utiful shoes. Shame.

Now, the hair. The hippie inside me wants down, glossy and lots of flowers. They could be bluebells, seasonal and ‘something blue’ ticked off neatly. This is nice:

But realistically, while it will be glossy, it’ll probs be all chic and non-Almost Famous.


I’ll leave you with the lushest bridal moodboard from Style Me Pretty (guilty pleasure fave)…If I got married tomorrow, this is the tone I’d want.

….and a bit of this…