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Karlie Kloss wears orange on a good day.

WOW, Karlie Kloss you total babe! I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for orange. I know, it’s so wrong, but I can’t help it. This Paul & Joe jumpsuit is orange on a good day, so nice. The thin red belt is a simple, nice accent. And I can’t even begin to talk about my hair envy. The Paul & Joe show was a bit hit-and-miss for me, but the hits – like this one and the identical canary yellow version that Karlie closed the show with – were seriously nice.


Summer means stupid/cool nails!

Did this because it’s summer and I can. Had to blog about it on account of not being able to go to bed with wet nails! Check it:

Varnishes: Diet Coke x Nails Inc. in Paris (free!) and Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Tangerine Queen (I’m pretty sure it was Β£2.99)Β Ring: Bentalls, Gift from the boyf’s wonderful parents at Christmas. Images taken on the Crackberry, so not the greatest quality, but you loves me still, right?

ps. Barbie approves:

pps. Barbie is doing a Britney.