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NYC, skaters and VHS tape. Yum.

The guys from Palace went to New York. Shot on VHS, which is well hip.

I really like it. Best moment by far… “I got you a pepsi”. And all the skateboarding bits obviously.

Found this last week as well, French Elle March 2011 cover (I know, slow on the uptake), which, had I found it a couple of months ago, would have been featured in this post.

Thanks to the boyfriend for telling me about the vid. I think you’ll all agree it’s rather beautiful.


Heartbreak update.

Just a quick update on the Olivier-Zahm-in-heartbreak-even-though-they-had-a-wayyy-open-relationship thing. He flew to New York (obvs, as you do) to see his mate Terry! Just as I planned! Here’s what the Purple Diary looked like today…

“Thank you so so much for all the messages of love you send me during this dark period. It has helped me tremendoulsy to start to slowly kill the pain. Natacha Ramsay finaly accepted to stop her love escape in Maine for one day and come to see me here in New York. This symbolic gesture will help me to peacefully let her go in her new life. I will do my best to start again with the Purple Diary.”

Olivier Zahm

And then there was this fun pic with the man himself…

Photo by Olivier and stuff.Β Big love to them both.

Tshirt of the day. (Sidenote: team NYC!)

Did I mention that I’m truly obsessed by tshirts? Plain white ones, coloured ones, soft organic ones, vintage ones, tour ones, slogan ones………you get it.

At the moment I’m loving my United by Hope one from the Ground Zero Memorial Preview Site (possibly the smallest, but most overwhelming semi-museum I’ve encountered). Being a tshirt – with my aforementioned love in mind – it obviously looks cool, but I like it so much because it really encapsulates the spirit of post 9/11 New York. I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice and I totally fell in love. Everyone I’ve encountered there has been nothing but friendly, open and communicative, and despite people going about their busy busy busy city lives, there’s a real sense of togetherness. Ain’t no ‘I’ in team. It makes me genuinely happy when I think of NY, and when I put that tshirt on – cue dramatic music – it really does make me think of the unity and spirit of a city that remembers well but looks forward with a lot of hope and some very brave servicemen! (and women, obvs.) GO NYC!

Anyway, enough of the NY musings, onto a Brit streetwear brand. I stumbled across this tee today and I loves it. Colours LOVE. Typograpy LOVE. 80’sness-but-not-in-a-shit-way LOVE.

Tshirt, Β£25 by Dirrrtee. (http://www.dirrrtee.com/)

If I enjoyed wasting money, I’d buy two and make some sort of makeshift super-exposed racerback tank out of one and keep the other for best!

The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site is located at 20 Vesey St (At Church Street) Β New York, NY 10007- 212.267.2047.

Go visit and buy a tshirt.

NYC, March twentyten.