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neon musings

How nice would a ‘marry me…’ sign be. After you say yes (which, let’s be clear, you would) you could hang it in a random communal area like the kitchen and boring NORMAL women would come round and feel utterly disenchanted by their he-proposed-on-the-beach-at-sunset story. Good story for the kids too – providing you don’t watch One Born Every Minute and actually still want children.

Good news. Neon Creations can make whatever neon sign your heart desires! A few of the images above are commissioned works by the company. They’ve collab’d with some interesting types, check the website out. Thanks be to Google.


love is limitless


be mine

Because, single or otherwise, we all love puppies.

some faves from twentyten

It’s been a pretty good year for  covers. No particular order.

Something quite wonderful about the first Industrie cover. Everyone’s smiling on the inside. Very into the Natasha Poly Vogue Paris cover…bright and stupidly symmetrical. Massive fan of Chloe Moretz – don’t think that girl is going away anytime soon – and glad Wonderland picked up on it; she’s so fashion an’all.  Always got room in my heart for a bit of Susan Sarandon and love seeing her face in print. Ditto Lauren Hutton. More great stuff in print for 2011 please, powers that be!


nail therapy

Beautiful logo. I looooooove doing ma nails, ask anyone. I’ve been meaning to blog about WAH nails for a very long time but haven’t got round to it until now. If you already know them, good. If you don’t, check out the WAH blog. It has become somewhat of a distraction over the past year…here are some of ma faves:

Keith Haring nails!turquoise/gold leopard with POW & bowsMiu Miu swallowslush rings and metallic nails, love the random leopardstars&stripesspongebobtuxedo&POWlove with matt black leopardpows, kittys, bobs, interlinked c’s and signature leopardcupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!black studs…gorge…USA! USA!!!

WAH nails is based on the Kingsland Rd in Dalston, but also have a concession at Topshop Oxford Circus. Don’t forget to check out their new hair salon BLEACH.


Purple Magazine’s main man declares his END OF LOVE

Hate to be a gossip and probs shouldn’t re-blog this but….

Via Purple Diary:



To all the anonymous friends who follow my life on the Purple Diary, I have to tell you that I’m in a lot of pain. Natacha Ramsay dumped me on Sunday. She ran away with her lover (with whom she has had a long romance that I was aware of and accepted) for a summer of love. She called me to tell me that she loves him, that we are finished. I asked her to come back two times and she said no two times. As you know if you follow the Purple Diary I try to create and promote an alternative love lifestyle (that I used to call in French La Communauté des Amants). Natacha’s decision to leave me so brutally and painfully will certainly be seen by conservative people as a clear feminine revenge against the lifestyle Natacha and I used to share, and think that I’m a dreamer. Right now I’m just a mess. But I will hopefully recover soon and offer you some more pictures of love and sex.

Olivier Zahm

Can’t knock it. Clear and concise. Considering the guy is heartbroken, it could be a lot messier. KEEP UP THE CRACKIN’ MAG STUFF OLIVIER! WE LOVES YA.

Ring up the boyos, Terry and Jared. 150% of the world’s women will fall to ya feet.

Heartbreak sucks.

Tshirt of the day. (Sidenote: team NYC!)

Did I mention that I’m truly obsessed by tshirts? Plain white ones, coloured ones, soft organic ones, vintage ones, tour ones, slogan ones………you get it.

At the moment I’m loving my United by Hope one from the Ground Zero Memorial Preview Site (possibly the smallest, but most overwhelming semi-museum I’ve encountered). Being a tshirt – with my aforementioned love in mind – it obviously looks cool, but I like it so much because it really encapsulates the spirit of post 9/11 New York. I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice and I totally fell in love. Everyone I’ve encountered there has been nothing but friendly, open and communicative, and despite people going about their busy busy busy city lives, there’s a real sense of togetherness. Ain’t no ‘I’ in team. It makes me genuinely happy when I think of NY, and when I put that tshirt on – cue dramatic music – it really does make me think of the unity and spirit of a city that remembers well but looks forward with a lot of hope and some very brave servicemen! (and women, obvs.) GO NYC!

Anyway, enough of the NY musings, onto a Brit streetwear brand. I stumbled across this tee today and I loves it. Colours LOVE. Typograpy LOVE. 80’sness-but-not-in-a-shit-way LOVE.

Tshirt, £25 by Dirrrtee. (http://www.dirrrtee.com/)

If I enjoyed wasting money, I’d buy two and make some sort of makeshift super-exposed racerback tank out of one and keep the other for best!

The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site is located at 20 Vesey St (At Church Street)  New York, NY 10007- 212.267.2047.

Go visit and buy a tshirt.