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nail therapy

Beautiful logo. I looooooove doing ma nails, ask anyone. I’ve been meaning to blog about WAH nails for a very long time but haven’t got round to it until now. If you already know them, good. If you don’t, check out the WAH blog. It has become somewhat of a distraction over the past year…here are some of ma faves:

Keith Haring nails!turquoise/gold leopard with POW & bowsMiu Miu swallowslush rings and metallic nails, love the random leopardstars&stripesspongebobtuxedo&POWlove with matt black leopardpows, kittys, bobs, interlinked c’s and signature leopardcupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!black studs…gorge…USA! USA!!!

WAH nails is based on the Kingsland Rd in Dalston, but also have a concession at Topshop Oxford Circus. Don’t forget to check out their new hair salon BLEACH.



landscape junk

Soooooo….got back from Le holiday ages ago, was lush. Here are some photos.

Your choice.

CENTURY 404402.

Dropped the Marc Jacobs specs from the ninth floor of the hotel, big sad face.

But who needs designer frames when you have human ones?! They even have a night vision mode.

Went a bit Hello Kitty mad. Soz about the chubster hands, blame the father.

The Boy joined in.


Didn’t forget the blog…