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nail talons…err yes.

I’m quite excited about this. Usually, in regards to fake nail extensions (or any fake extension for that matter – hair, nails, personality) I pretty much fall into the ‘vehemently against’ category, but this is an exceptional circumstances situation.

These nail quills are an upcoming release from Illamasqua, founded by the talented Miss Alex Box. I love the Illamasqua stuff, it’s of good quality, not outrageously overpriced (ahem, Tom Ford*) and is creatively led and coherent wiv da catwalk/zeitgeist. Best of all it has NICE PACKAGING. Very important. Anyway, these are just cool. (Only pics I could get).

Amazing. Want.

Website says: “Designed and handmade exclusively for Illamasqua by one of the hottest names in nails, Mike Pocock…” yeah ok, can we have our super-sharp claws now?? Check out the Illamasqua website. Also, note to Santa, this is a nice festive little duo:

Illamasqua Retro Reds set, exclusively at ASOS. £22, Bargain.

They have some really nice nail colours going on too…some navy, turquoise, greys and metallics…mmm GOLD. I’m well into gold nails at the moment, but that’s a whole other post for you to wait for. Oh ok, eff it:

mmmm…gold-y. Nail colour in Spartan, £13. Available at beautybay.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of other lush colours, won’t clog da blog with them now though. ILLAMASQUA IS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Brownie Points.

*still love you to the max TF (sorry…)


Summer means stupid/cool nails!

Did this because it’s summer and I can. Had to blog about it on account of not being able to go to bed with wet nails! Check it:

Varnishes: Diet Coke x Nails Inc. in Paris (free!) and Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Tangerine Queen (I’m pretty sure it was £2.99) Ring: Bentalls, Gift from the boyf’s wonderful parents at Christmas. Images taken on the Crackberry, so not the greatest quality, but you loves me still, right?

ps. Barbie approves:

pps. Barbie is doing a Britney.