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some faves from twentyten

It’s been a pretty good year for  covers. No particular order.

Something quite wonderful about the first Industrie cover. Everyone’s smiling on the inside. Very into the Natasha Poly Vogue Paris cover…bright and stupidly symmetrical. Massive fan of Chloe Moretz – don’t think that girl is going away anytime soon – and glad Wonderland picked up on it; she’s so fashion an’all.  Always got room in my heart for a bit of Susan Sarandon and love seeing her face in print. Ditto Lauren Hutton. More great stuff in print for 2011 please, powers that be!



Kick Ass Tee at French Connection.

I’m happy to promote it.

£25, http://www.frenchconnection.com

I liked Kick Ass much more than I thought I would, largely thanks to Chloe Moretz’ portrayal of Hit Girl. Having maturely fended off critics who claimed her role a touch too violent and her character’s vocab a bit too ‘cunt’y, Chloe’s fame seems to be coming along quite nicely. I like her because she’s really small, even for a 13 year old. Cute as a button face too!

She’s already been shot for Interview, Nylon and Wonderland (below)


Google her! She’s cool.