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taste the rainbow



Woah! Adele on the cover of Rolling Stone looking so fine.


A fantastic man indeed.

David Beckham. In glasses, in Fantastic Man. Beautiful.


Free People

If only reality was this beautiful and we were all this beautiful and had beautiful simple lives and a photographer to follow our beautiful selves in our beautiful lives wearing beautiful clothes. Hmm.

The Free People March ’11  catalogue is live, take a peek.


inspiration for everybody

Mum’s watching A View to a Kill on ITV4. Isn’t Stacey Sutton (played by Tanya Roberts) the best? Those legs. Beautiful silk robe too, want it more than those gals on Don’t Tell The Bride want their invites. Inspiration for us all to be a bit more male gaze-compatible. Objectification isn’t all bad. This pair are alright in the 1985 classic too…While we’re on the subject of Christopher W, this guy really reminds me of him…a total fave of mine, Cillian Murphy! He’s got that same scary/crazy/sexy/could-definitely-be-a-psychopath thing going on as Mr. Walken. The cheekbones and the piercing eyes. We like him.

Oh Karl!

Is this, or is this not, the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen????!

Oh Karl, you really know how to push our buttons! The delight when I saw this was on a par with getting free shoes. And we all know how beautiful that moment is.

The collection wasn’t too bad either. Loving the shorts/jacket/biker boots look, along with the premium  denim it’s verging on streetwear. Of the chic-est kind, of course. Let’ not get too ahead of ourselves though, there was plenty of tweed, monochrome, chiffon and an array of obligatory skirt-suits to remind us this was Chanel. Check it.

These two dresses are beyond beautiful. All pics from here.