a real Disney princess

Words failed me. Pippa looked pretty fine too.I LOVED the maple trees, so simple and ethereal but totally effective. Want.

(Ariel & Eric moment)

^ I love that there was room for a bit of tat. The idea of a prince driving away his princess in a vintage Aston Martin is also pretty exciting.

THE DRESS: I’m not entirely sure I can put my thoughts into full prose yet buuuuut…I loved how it looked relatively simple shaped from the front and then had the necessary amount of drama at the back – a testament to Sarah Burton’s talent, definitely. The clever pleating – as mentioned in my prediction post – was dynamic and gave a wink to McQueen himself, and gave it a feel of couture. When the train was spread out before kate took the long walk up the aisle it looked just so perfect – the wide U-shape somehow modern for such a vintage-y gown. Embroidery, goes without saying, was awe-inspiring.

BUT the show-stealer for me was that divine veil. Perfection.


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