skater til I die <3

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last year or so, you may have noticed how skateboarding has become an unlikely focus for fashion and all things nice. Now I’m not saying I’m amazing (rest assured, I am) but I got a Palace deck for the boyf for Christmas, hoping that when we move in together our crib can look like LA Ink. Just kidding, obviously. But one wall of decks would look pretty ‘badass’. Anyway, I’m well into Palace, their tees are nice….C.I.P:If you find a seller that isn’t sold out please DM me, the boyf bangs on about having this tee and any search on ebay leads me to Crystal Palace merchandise. Anyways, I digress. If you want more proof that the skaters are back on top, Marc Jacobs – the barometer of cool – is selling this lush deck (total bargain at $89 in the Specialz section)…Feel like this one should be bought next for the deck wall.

Of course, we all remember Doodah’s Supermodel Skateboard series from last year. A collab with fash photographers Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, the limited edition decks featured lovelies like Lara Stone and later Abby Lee Kershaw and Erin Wasson. Some are still available so go hit up Doodah.Naked models. Always a fan.

If you’re still resisting, if it’s too street or lacks sophistication, then you should probably consider Celine’s SS11 ad campaign (Daria Werbowy & Stella Tennant shot by Juergen Teller):

Ok, so now I want a bright orange deck too. Moving on, a quick google search and I  came across this lovely editorial…

To finish, because I’ve definitely broken the don’t-make-your-blog-too-lengthy rule, here’s Haute Wheels by photographer Ari Marcopoulos:More of this please, creative world.


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