nail therapy

Beautiful logo. I looooooove doing ma nails, ask anyone. I’ve been meaning to blog about WAH nails for a very long time but haven’t got round to it until now. If you already know them, good. If you don’t, check out the WAH blog. It has become somewhat of a distraction over the past year…here are some of ma faves:

Keith Haring nails!turquoise/gold leopard with POW & bowsMiu Miu swallowslush rings and metallic nails, love the random leopardstars&stripesspongebobtuxedo&POWlove with matt black leopardpows, kittys, bobs, interlinked c’s and signature leopardcupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!black studs…gorge…USA! USA!!!

WAH nails is based on the Kingsland Rd in Dalston, but also have a concession at Topshop Oxford Circus. Don’t forget to check out their new hair salon BLEACH.



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