Not gonna lie, I’m  a massive Maroon 5 fan. Yeah, I like myself a lotta pop music. But it’s ok because pop is fashionable again. Thanks Gaga. I’ve waited a looooong time for their new album, Hands All Over, which is due to be released in september and excited isn’t quite the word. Until then though, we have their new single, Misery, to tide us over. I am LOVING the song, totally catchy. I think it’s had pretty mixed reviews but not.actually.bothered. The video, hmmm. Me and the boyf were discussing earlier – he thinks it’s lazy video-making which I can totally see, but I’m thinking it’s meant to be a bit of a pisstake, and kind of goes with the light, pop-y sound. It’s fun, I like it.  Dunno, don’t care, cos ADAM LEVINE IS BACK! nom.

Here is the vid:

Beautiful, beautiful man.

ps. 0.25 when he bangs the wall…mmmm.


3 responses to “Misery

  1. Hey,

    Glad you liked the video. Thank your boyfriend again for his jacket, fits really well as you can see. Hope the rest of your album is to your liking. See you on tour in the Fall!

    Love Adam x

  2. Oi Levine, stop getting fresh with my girlfriend yeah!

    I lend you my jacket for one video shoot and this is how you repay me? never again my friend.

    BTW “Hope the rest of YOUR album is to your liking”


    Love you shan x

  3. That’s effort right there, making an email address and whatnot. Also the jacket you’re referring to, it is the one I found and bought you? Why yes, I think it is.

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